Friday, March 25, 2011

Pillowcase Art

When my daughter was born 9 years ago she was given a wonderful gift by her Great-Grandmother Mary.  It was a beautiful pillowcase that she had hand sewn with her name and some butterflies.  It was much too beautiful to be used, so it has been sitting in a drawer for all these years.  Great-Grandma Mary passed away in 2009, so to preserve her memory I wanted to do something with  the pillowcase. I decided the best way to preserve the pillowcase would be to frame it.  I bought this frame for $5:

I sanded and repainted the frame "Tinkerbell" Green which I had leftover from when I painted my daughter's room.  I ironed the pillowcase and got ready to cut it.  Here is a picture of the pillowcase before:

I put the glass from the frame on top of the pillowcase and placed it where I wanted to cut. Then I took my rotary cutter and cut around the outside of the glass.  Next, I put the glass and the pillowcase back into the frame. Great-Grandma Mary lived out-of-state and so my daughter does not have many memories of her, so to make sure she knows how special of a lady she was I wrote about the pillowcase and Great-Grandma Mary on the back of the frame. I also attached a picture of them together on it before hanging it on her wall.  Here is the finished project:

I really enjoyed preserving this pillowcase and the memory for my daughter.  I think I might even have another one she did for us when my husband and I were married that I will do the same with.

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